Perv-Patch® is a self-contained kit that is used primarily for patching pervious concrete core holes as well as any necessary patching of pervious concrete slabs. The Perv-Patch® kit and material proportioning meet ASTM and NRMCA requirements for Pervious Concrete. The 0.3 cubic foot mixture will patch (4) 4x8 core holes with extra material to spare. This self contained, ready to use unit consists of a mixture of all of the required and pre proportioned components to create a workable matrix that can be mixed in the provided packaging. 

Perv-Patch® is easy to mix and can be installed by certified pervious professionals as well as the non-skilled homeowner. The kits are available in 3/8 in. aggregate as well as 1/4 in. aggregate to match most pervious installations. Custom sizes as well as color dosage rates are available upon request.

Pervious Concrete patched with a traditional bagged product

Pervious Concrete parking lot patched with Perv-Patch®3/8

Perv-Patch® 2014