Botanical Gardens Case Study

Located off of Shaw Boulevard in the heart of St. Louis, The Missouri Botanical Gardens has been a leading proponent of the "Green Building" movement since its inception in the Midwest.  With a new expansion, including a building and parking lot, pervious concrete was the obvious choice.  Since this was to be a showcase for Pervious Concrete Pavement, great care was taken to ensure that every detail of the project was accounted for.

Strictly adhering to the Metropolitan Sewer Districts’ specifications for Pervious Concrete Pavement, cores were taken to test the concrete for depth, strength and permeability.  Because of the sensitivity of this particular project, the owner would not allow just any type of material to be used to patch the core holes.  Perv-Patch® was chosen as the appropriate product due to its ability to match the pavement in place, as well as perform at a high level, exceeding the owner’s expectations.  As you can see from the pictures, Perv-Patch® was an excellent product choice that would prevent the core patches from standing out from the rest of the parking lot.

Perv-Patch® 2014